• Course designer for six New York State parks, including “The Beast” a destination course that draws players from around the country.
  • Take every aspect into a design, including everything from safety issues, environmental concerns, even the prevailing wind direction go into the planning of a course.
  • Work closely with park managers on both the design and installation of a course. This fosters a greater sense of ownership when a manager has input into the project.
  • Have installed courses in a variety of settings. The Angry Apple Disc Golf Course winds through an old apple orchard to the Wild Buck Disc Golf Course, which takes players through several parts of the park that were previously unused.
  • Forty years as a player and 20 years as a designer, first as a volunteer for NY State Parks, then hired seasonally since 2013.
  • My designs range from “pitch and putt” courses like
    Veteran’s Park to destination course
    Lakeside Beach State Park which draw players from around the country due to its stunning beauty.
  • Courses that can cater to both serious golfers and casual players. Design a course that’s too difficult, you lose a large amount of potential players. Conversely, making a course too easy will lose a fair number of players. Having courses set up to cater both groups is far from easy, yet critical to have a successful course.
  • Forty years of playing the sport. Participated in the 1998 Professional Disc Golf Association World Championships.
  • Played over 100 courses from California to England. Thus exposed to numerous courses and parks.
  • Employed seasonally since 2013 by New York State Parks for disc golf course design and promotion.