Lakeside Beach State Park is located in Waterport, NY and consists of 2 courses on site.

Wind Rush Alley (White Course)
Installed in 2009, the White course was designed for recreational to advanced players. The idea of the course was to make the first two holes fairly easy, then the third was designed for both distance and accuracy. The course through five sections of the park taking advantage of both wooded holes and expansive holes that play along the shores of Lake Ontario, providing players an amazing panoramic view of the lake while requiring golfers to exhibit distance and accuracy.

Shore Winds DGC - White Course at Disc Golf Course Review

The Beast (Blue Course)

With a great deal of support from the park manager, “The Beast” draws players from around the country to play the course where there is no room for error. The first hole sets the tone of the course – a 550 foot shot up the side of a hill, with O.B. within 25 feet of  the basket.

The course covers approximately 50 acres of land and has holes in length reaching nearly 900 feet. At the same time, the course has great risk/reward holes, including hole 13. Overly aggressive shots or not compensating for swirling winds along the bluff, discs can easily end up in Lake Ontario.

And symbolically, hole 18’s basket is mounted on a 15-foot mound. Making it the “cherry on the top.”

Shore Winds DGC - Blue Course at Disc Golf Course Review

Both courses draw players, yet having two courses onsite, create a disc golf destination for golfers, who literally will play all year long.